About us

About us

Who We Are.

SHYLO Kennels is one of the top Show Kennels in the country and was established over 40 years ago.   Between us, our management has over 100 years of experience in caring for dogs.  We mention this because we feel that experience matters.  In recent years there have been a number of new Kennels and Doggy Day Cares that have sprouted up almost overnight with little more background than having owned a dog.   While simply owning a dog is quite a learning experience, it’s not the same as the huge experience that we’ve gained over the years on a professional level.

Shylo was one of the very first Boarding Kennels to incorporate the concept of Play Yards and Dogs playing together many years ago. 

We have bred over 120 American Champion Afghan Hounds, as well as having bred Champion Whippets, Greyhounds, Welsh Corgis, Shelties, and Bedlington Terriers. Our attention these days is devoted exclusively to the showing of Afghan Hounds (our first love) and Greyhounds, and we have on average, one litter every couple of years to continue our lines and to have new youngsters to show. We are currently on our ninth generation of top winning show Afghan Hounds.

From time to time, over the years, our friends have asked us to take care of their Dogs, because they know how we take care of our Dogs. Through word of mouth, the requests continued to grow, to the point where we decided to offer our services to the discriminating public on a limited basis.