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The Kennel

The Kennel

Situated in the middle of a few hundred acres of slightly rolling grassland our kennel was originally built as our own kennel and to meet the needs of our own dogs. It’s not a large, impersonal facility where dogs are isolated from humans and other dogs. Rather, it’s a facility where dogs are exposed to human interaction throughout entire the day.

Weather permitting we have several play yards that our guests play in all day long. All of our play yards have sunning decks and plenty of shade from trees or shade pavilions. And during the summer months, our pool is open and ready for a refreshing dip to cool off.

For meals and sleeping, medium and large dogs have their own indoor room where their beds are made each night. Small dogs also have their own indoor private area in a separate room called, “Little Paws.”

Questions? Contact us for more information about our kennel, facility, and services.

Tiny Town

There is a special place at Shylo for your little kids called, “Tiny Town.” Smaller dogs are separated from larger dogs and feel safe and protected in this private area.


Senior City

For older dogs that need less rowdiness, but still enjoy the companionship of other dogs, we also have “Senior City”

Getting Started

Interested in getting started? We're looking forward to meeting you and your pet! Click for more information on how to get started.

The Shylo Valet

Our convenient shuttle service runs to most of the Denver Metro area Monday-Friday.


After over 40 years and countless dogs coming through our doors, we’ve received our fair share of questions.