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The Shylo Pool

The Shylo Pool

While many dog pools are little more than oversized hot tubs, The Shylo Pool is a full-sized 16’ X 32’ pool with 2 ramps as well as steps for easy entry and exit. And because our pool is outdoors and heated, it is always open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Early opening and late closing are dependent on the weather.

Will My Dog Even Like Swimming?

Some dogs really enjoy swimming, some will tolerate it, but most really don’t care for it. Speaking generally it has been our experience that small dogs are less likely to be interested in swimming than larger Dogs. As you can imagine, dogs originally bred to be water retrievers are the most likely to take to the pool like a duck. That would, of course, include Labs, Goldens, and their mixed descendants. There are of course always exceptions. Recently, we had Portuguese Water Dogs who hated the water and Yorkshire Terriers who have loved it.


Swim Sessions at Shylo

Most kennels with a pool simply have it available for dogs to use, which very few inexperienced swimmers will even choose to do on their own. At Shylo, we offer a trial swim session for dogs whose owners think that they may enjoy the experience but aren’t quite sure. Hayden, our "Director of Canine Aquatics," will escort a new dog into the pool himself to provide emotional and physical support for this new experience. He will then email a phone and assessment on whether future sessions are suggested. 

A 30-minute swim session is $10.00 and is limited to usually two, but no more than three dogs. 

Getting Started

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The Shylo Valet

Our convenient shuttle service runs to most of the Denver Metro area Monday-Friday.


After over 40 years and countless dogs coming through our doors, we’ve received our fair share of questions.